Chandler Architecture



In 1999, our office began design of a treatment facility to take the place of a number of smaller, regional health care centres. Many of these facilities were quite outdated and it had become clear that a consolidation of services housed in a new facility had become imperative.

A site was selected in a primarily rural setting surrounded by a stand of mature deciduous trees. This site became an important determining factor in the formal development of the building. Early in the design stage it was decided that, due to the nature of the illnesses being treated, the building itself ought to present an image of stable, residential character that takes full advantage of the bucolic setting.

With this determination, and to address concerns of residents in the area, it was decided that the building should site itself within the trees without damaging them. The design then became a low scale wood frame structure arranged around a courtyard in such a way as to disguise the actual size of the facility.

The residential aesthetic of the building was intended to assist in the patient’s rehabilitation by providing a non-threatening setting which downplays the institutional nature of the facility.

The building was configured so as to allow the programmatic separation of the treatment wings from the more administrative and public oriented functions. The resident’s rooms were arranged in such a way as to allow sight lines to a central nurses’ station.