Chandler Architecture



The distribution of spaces was designed to satisfy very specific requirements for programmatic connections and sight lines to and from the hotel and various points on the golf course. The proshop and restaurant/lounge with their associated decks were situated so as to afford views of the course while the convention rooms overlook the Brudenell River to the south.

Later that year, the third phase of the project, a 48 room addition to the hotel was begun. The extremely restricted schedule required that the project be fast tracked.

We were able to design and produce construction drawings at a speed which allowed construction to begin virtually immediately and then keep producing drawings so as to not hamper the progress of the work. The project (including a swimming pool and extensive landscaping) was completed on time for guests to arrive in June, 2000.

The addition was designed to stylistically blend and connect seamlessly with the existing hotel while addressing certain issues and flaws in the room layouts in the existing building. Each room must be acoustically isolated and take advantage of the stunning views of the Brudenell River.

These projects, along with the first phase of the project (a complex of cottages and a sewage treatment facility) were carefully designed to enhance the image the reality of the resort as a first class, high end destination which is aesthetically comfortable within the context of the natural site and the manmade beauty of the golf course.

The Brudenell Resort Redevelopment consisted of three phases including 32 cottage-style units, a proshop/convention facility and a 48 room hotel expansion. Constructed in 1999, the new ProShop/Convention Facility at Brudenell Resort is a 23,500 square foot building which houses meeting rooms, full service kitchen, restaurant,lounge, golf proshop and golf cart storage.

Our office had been entering the late stages of designing a meeting and convention facility while another developer was proposing to construct a separate proshop/cart storage building. As the projects evolved, it was proposed that the two programs be merged and we were asked to adapt our design to incorporate the proshop and underground golf cart storage. We were able to accomplish this within an extremely tight time frame and complete the project with the added functions on time.

The construction of the building is wood frame on a concrete basement parking structure. Aesthetically, the building was clad in cedar shingle treated to weather grey so as to blend with the existing buildings on the site. Trims were painted wood and the extensive system of decks was fitted with steel pipe railings and Duradeck.