Chandler Architecture



In 2005, William Chandler Architects and Schurman Construction were engaged by Holland College to design and construct an addition to their downtown campus, Montgomery Hall, to house the new Centre for Labour Force Innovation. The structure was to be a 3 storey brick volume occupying a vacant portion of the site on the corner of Kent and Cumberland Streets.

The first floor of the resulting building consists of meeting, lecture and class rooms, faculty lounge, laboratories, training rooms, offices and washrooms. The second floor houses the main resource centre for the campus, washrooms, cafeteria and the main entrance. The third level is occupied by class rooms and laboratories for the study of microbiology, wildlife conservation, bioresources and environmental applied science technology. All 3 levels are connected in a barrier free manner to the existing building on 2 sides.

The extremely condensed time frame of the project and the requirement for the building to be tendered in over twenty phases meant that the consultant team had to be very well coordinated and focused on the complete project as well as the individual phases. The various laboratory, teaching and resource areas had very specific requirements for data, lighting, security, millwork, durability, maintenance, ventilation, plumbing and accessibility. The budget available was absolutely final requiring each phase of the work to be completed within its portion of the overall budget or subsequent phases revised to compensate for any overages.

The project was completed on time for the beginning of the school year. It was on budget and has been operating with great success to date.