Chandler Architecture



In 1998, our office was engaged to design a new facility to house the Aviation Technology program for Holland College. The objective in this case was to take an existing foundation and steel framing (abandoned by a previous project) and adapt and extend these elements to accommodate the programmatic needs of Holland College. The foundations and steel had been left exposed to the elements since 1988 so much testing was done and evaluations were carried out to determine the strength and suitability of the framing.

Modifications included the addition of a 25,000 square foot aircraft hanger, storage and workshops. The addition of such a large volume of this type was a complex undertaking which presented a number of challenges (fire separations, aesthetics of the connection, mechanical systems, etc.)

Due to the nature of the occupancy, very careful coordination was required by the Architect to ensure the successful incorporation of complex mechanical and electrical systems associated with the avionics program. Much of this equipment was owner-supplied so every effort was made to assess and catalogue these items and address their specific connection and hook-up requirements.