Chandler Architecture



In 1995, municipal amalgamation created the new town of Stratford. The rapidly expanding town with a population of 7,800 was being administered from a series of ill-suited, makeshift buildings scattered throughout the area and it was decided that the time had come to construct a Town Centre. The selected site was an undeveloped parcel of land on a lightly wooded hill in what is expected to become the center of the town as it develops.

When the Eastern School District chose to relocate their offices to the new complex, the building’s program came to consist of three distinct components: an office wing for the School Board, an Administration Wing for the Town of Stratford and a Recreation Wing consisting of a gymnasium, walking track, lockers, stage, etc.

The lease agreement would require that the School Board occupy their wing while the rest of the building was still under construction. In order to provide as little disruption as possible to the occupied office wing a construction schedule was developed which ensured the early completion of that wing and the ability to isolate it and its surroundings from the rest of the project.